Kentin Jivek who some may know as the multilingual, multi-instrumentalist singer of ‘Ambient and Psychedelic Folk'. The main musical concepts of his work are presented in a psychedelic sort of folk and ambient music. His diversity is not only seen in what he does, but also in how he does it...

Last Updates 02/04/2020 : Blog, Podcast, Paintings, Discography, Live.

Main influences and "admirations"

Can, Hildegard Von Bingen, William Burroughs, Charles Bukowsky,Inherent Vice (Movie), New Orleans, Strymon, Richard Brautigan, American Horror story,Syd Barret, Korg Volca Keys, Robert Rich, Pastel De Toulouse, Dead Can Dance, Sense8, Monster Munch, Franz Liszt, The Ocean, Jane's Addiction, Portland, Black coffee, Fumio Miyashita, Brahma, Malta, Reykjavik, PO12 Rythm Teenage engineering.

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