Just Before this end of year

These last days were dedicated with creation and sorrow...yes, but when i say sorrow i point out the fact that it's a great pleasure. Spending time, and with creation, having the total control of your life, and all for good, whatever happens, pain is necessary and it's normal, using it to increase the endurance. To be more precise, i've spent the night working on the new lyrics and experiment with cinematographic extracts, i'm a fan of the Apocalypse now extract with Marlon Brando "Horror" final scene; the idea is to keep in mind the film and then something is happening. I'm finishing this perfect moment with the song of Richard z. Kruspe called Hypothetical with Manson in featuring. I can


This is my Venise day, i woke up thinking about this wonderful city...yesterday was a long night with the three following tracks for "Inaturel" forthcoming album. "Le Toucher Et Le parler", "Ni Le premier Ni Le dernier" and one other. It takes time to swallow the entire songs, to feel it and remember everything about it, i don't want it to be too ethereal. The "Inaturel" track will have some changes, with a chant more neutral, without too much harmonic contents. Concerning this blog you've now a Rss link in order to check every posts at the right time. I would admit that Neil Young is inspiring me, playing songs from his last album, and "older ones" entertain my guitar play, it's so differen

Paris in Winter

Paris is a very pleaseant city, to surely appreciate it you've to aim at the right places at the good moment, but the magic of her, is that you can encounter the unexpected all the time... Here is a picture, polaroid ones to illustrate this post. At this moment, i've six titles and i've understood that even if i had the fever of creation, you've to let it go some time, but always with the envy to continue the work. This period is a very different hygiena from before, maybe because of my birthday on 21 of January ? from a subjective opinion ; this is a whole thing, and not only because i've in mind the condition of some who count for me, a whole big cycle. The "Inaturel" album will have diffe

Bourbon and Loops

Acquisition of this amazing Bourbon from Michter distillery...so powerful. Much records of Neil Young are present here too, playing songs differently, and keeping the soul of it. The book "Dans les forêts de Sibérie" is really inspiring too from Sylvain Tesson, it's directly linked to the new album, Inaturel. Food and bourbon, water from New Zealand called Antipodes, i'd say that it's so important to keep the attention to what is swallowed by the body in general. The next song at work is called 'Le Toucher Et Le Parler" in french again. I'm working on the introduction of the album this week, with a modular synth linked to the minilogue from Korg, no more than 1Mn30 lenght track. I don't go o

Blog premier post

I've spent the whole year recording much things, and finally to realize that i'd do things in a very different way. Everything was in my head, and maybe too much tools in hands brought difficulties. A new song has been published on Soundcloud, a 90% finalized demo "Je Suis Une Arme". Three new tracks are part of the next release called "Inaturel" and so will be played live in first. #folk #darkfolk #ambient #experimental #inaturel #waldorf #native #absynth5 #psychedelic #album #paris #france #studio