One year

Today is my birthday, i've to admit that i feel better than 10 years ago, and happy to be still alive... The new album will include three songs in Italian and spanish, but these two songs will be apart. The final date of release is on March, the day of spring equinox. I continue to work on it surrounded by music, and other forms of arts, it helps me to experiment and "breath" various energies. These days, i'm using CBD in order to create in a very relaxing way, i can feel that many people have a bad new cycle, which is not my case, so i try to help in many ways. If i had more time, i would work on more poems and even a book, but i think the new album has to be finalized before the new proces


The song listing for "Inaturel" album is ready; there will be 10 songs including "Je Suis Une Arme" & "Rien n'est irréversible". I should publish two other extracts, but not in their entire length. The release is not sure for February, meanwhile i will continue to publish new material, in order to describe the real meaning of Inaturel idea. Therefore, it will be illustrated with poems, new resources in this blog, paintings, and videos. As usual, you will find some new references, books...within this post. The album has one song in english, one in spanish and a short instrumental called "Ce que le corps dit l'esprit fait". No cover for the moment... #Brautigan #welloffortune #inaturel #2018 #