Thanks Kevin

Spending time on movies, writing notes, playing short patterns, an thinking about the final improvisation is the main activity. I go out only the week but not the week end, i don't know why, maybe because the achos is more present at the end of the week in Paris these last months. I'm thinking about going to Amsterdam at the end of this year, and preparing the gig in Hungary, then the russian tour for Autumn season, next year. My will to definitly leave paris is clear, life is far too much expensive, and i'm not materialistic at all, then i don't feel belonging to any of the persons here, except strangers who appreciate beers and talking to everything except friendship. As i'v mentionned bef


I've finally found the way, thr right one for "Cosmologie Facile" album, there is three new tracks on soundcloud, 'Ivresse Des Astres", "Sagesse de l'obscurité" and The song on the first page of the website called "Transhuman". There is much work to do but i do think about respecting the January shedule. I stay most of time at home in the studio, and just calling friends, but i prefer not going out so much, because i know my ability to do nonsense things and behave like a crazy prophet...when i 'm deeply immerged into my art, my brain has to stay in safe separation will not have any impact on me, but the inversed effect, even if i hardly speak about my personal life. No close fam