Conscience Des Machines

There is a first extract fro the next album called "Prometheus" online. This track and the entire album is produced, written with analogic synth, with help from digital pedals. Rythmic is based on patterns with the Po 12 from Teenage engineering. Clearly, this new very first song shows the typicity of the album, and the will to work on melodies, it's more constructive than computer toys. Few words, tites in french, and topics based on transhumanism, what's next... with seven songs included one divided in three parts (10 mn lenght). I'm using modular, eurorack synth for overdubs, each time i save the various presets. At the difference of Cosmoogie facile, the previous album, the songs are int


Spending time here is a true value, following Marrakesh i had brought my other keyboard and Po12 to work on the sync concerning the songs of the next album "Prometheus". Since these three days, i've re arranged maybe 40% of the lyrics to stick with the album and the grasp of the details that i've forgotten during the last 4 years (except the last album "Cosmologie Facile" that was meant to be a bit experimental, an album made without any memories...). The Book from Norbert Wiener "God And Golem" is a truely important source of inspiration, it follows me in every steps. It remains that this album will keep seven songs and one bonus, i've kept several lyrics to just make some kind of readings


A new chapter begins right now, i've finished something that took me some time, and so decided to quit Paris during a certain portion of time. Three books, one synth, and the necesary to write, in fact i had 9 tracks in mind for the next album, but i would prefer to focus on some titles rather than followinf a sort of military process. I'm using the basic sounds of the Volca Key from Korg, recording with the vocalive modul on my phone. I was supposed to add some overdubs with the pedal called Dark world from Chase bliss audio but sadly or happily i have forgoten the fact every analogic sounds is the basis of it all. I really appreciate the four pedals i'm using live, but i do th