Bourbon and Loops

Acquisition of this amazing Bourbon from Michter powerful. Much records of Neil Young are present here too, playing songs differently, and keeping the soul of it. The book "Dans les forêts de Sibérie" is really inspiring too from Sylvain Tesson, it's directly linked to the new album, Inaturel. Food and bourbon, water from New Zealand called Antipodes, i'd say that it's so important to keep the attention to what is swallowed by the body in general. The next song at work is called 'Le Toucher Et Le Parler" in french again.

I'm working on the introduction of the album this week, with a modular synth linked to the minilogue from Korg, no more than 1Mn30 lenght track. I don't go out so much only to socialize and wash stuff; one hour ago i was talking with a guy definitly drunk explaining me how much LA was a good option to live in, i was agree even if i understood half things he said to me, and it was fun. I was supposed to go seing Brendan Perry in Normandie, but i was too busy with the album, the No land track is fabulous with Olivier Mellano. Anyway, i meditate everyday and

it works well.

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