Paris in Winter

Paris is a very pleaseant city, to surely appreciate it you've to aim at the right places at the good moment, but the magic of her, is that you can encounter the unexpected all the time...

Here is a picture, polaroid ones to illustrate this post.

At this moment, i've six titles and i've understood that even if i had the fever of creation, you've to let it go some time, but always with the envy to continue the work.

This period is a very different hygiena from before, maybe because of my birthday on 21 of January ? from a subjective opinion ; this is a whole thing, and not only because i've in mind the condition of some who count for me, a whole big cycle.

The "Inaturel" album will have different short videos in the film section, new sketches, poems, and for the music, analogic, modular, physical keyboards and not only virtual, the absynth5 from Native has always been my favorite, but this time i create my own sounds. Finally, brass, piano, and strings will be present too, i will sample various things and launch it with the mikro maschine pad. That's why i read so much at this time, every single moment can bring something new and delicious.

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