This is my Venise day, i woke up thinking about this wonderful city...yesterday was a long night with the three following tracks for "Inaturel" forthcoming album. "Le Toucher Et Le parler", "Ni Le premier Ni Le dernier" and one other. It takes time to swallow the entire songs, to feel it and remember everything about it, i don't want it to be too ethereal. The "Inaturel" track will have some changes, with a chant more neutral, without too much harmonic contents. Concerning this blog you've now a Rss link in order to check every posts at the right time. I would admit that Neil Young is inspiring me, playing songs from his last album, and "older ones" entertain my guitar play, it's so different from what i do, and so it gives the opportunity to clear the various parts i'm workin' on.

En français et sur ce nouvel album : Inaturel, il s'agit de la nature que l'espèce humaine a dénaturé, une distanciation par rapport à la nature, un schisme, et de la quotidienneté. L'humain aurait pris son essor suite à une longue évolution de la matière, auto distancé par rapport à celle-ci; il s'octroie donc la prééminence de toute chose mais l'homme n'est pas la finalité de toute chose...

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