Just Before this end of year

These last days were dedicated with creation and sorrow...yes, but when i say sorrow i point out the fact that it's a great pleasure. Spending time, and with creation, having the total control of your life, and all for good, whatever happens, pain is necessary and it's normal, using it to increase the endurance. To be more precise, i've spent the night working on the new lyrics and experiment with cinematographic extracts, i'm a fan of the Apocalypse now extract with Marlon Brando "Horror" final scene; the idea is to keep in mind the film and then something is happening. I'm finishing this perfect moment with the song of Richard z. Kruspe called Hypothetical with Manson in featuring. I can't wait to present the new song of this album. May all the best aspects of love be gifted to you. (Listen to Pavarotti before sleeping)

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