New Config'

15 days beofre the next concert, finally for various reasons iwill perform with various featurings, and so it means that i will need all my tools to really show all the work done during these two last years, with the minilogue, my pc, piano, modular synth, i will perform the text called "Corps Exquis" too. 10 or 11 songs depends of the feedback. This config' can be adapted everywhere without the inconveniences. A real ambient glitch experimental experience, which is really great i'm more happy about that. A new project "al lado"

will be possible too more punk more jazz". Again this date with all the books i've read will be positive about the richness of the time passed on them, words, intensity. I will play certain songs from "Inaturel" too, the next album. I've the envy to rapidly produce something new. Still a good year #happy.

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