Anti Déterminisme

Temple of silence festival was a really great moment, many thanks to all for this. Since my return in Paris i've worked on new texts, and i've to admit that the next album will wait a bit, a double will be a better option, the scond part will be called "Tout En Un". I deeply imerged into books and interviews with much kind of people at this time...this is the reason why. Quantic Physic is something i'm sticking with, the determinism, and transhuman... for the next performance i will maybe go to Hungary or Russia.

The thing is that i've to build a full rack of modualr synth, eurorack thinsg for my sound, as you should know the folk instrument has to be still present, and so this wall of sounds has to be discreet, but adding its own joy...acumulating great titles bring me a lots of joy; i still improvise the manner i can diffuse all these ideas, and i know there is plenty of forms i can use.

#quantum #toutenunalbum #eurorack #synth #lyrics