Théâtre Quantique

I'm written new tracks, and again i've to admit that i feel more playing it than putting it in the internet, really i don't know why...but feels good this way. I'm deeply inspired by all that is linked with quantum physic, i do think everything that i've wrote until now needs a particular format.

Ultrasensibility is simething i'm attached to, i'm the king of person who is stimulated in a very important way, that thing can bring in a particular vision of life, and the need os isolation is really important, that's something i've understood when i was excessive in the past, i was trying to ease this 'too much' vibration i could feel. Well, good to know and doing the necesary to keep the faith and health then.

Books are really the food of my soul, even more than music. If you've the same sensibility, you can be sure that many will try to make you understand that you are not normal, etc...blabla, it's false, we 've this capacity of feeling what the other are unable to. They live in another dimension, sleepers and materialists.

Never hesitate to be radical, and protect what you represent : a really unique humain being.

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