Thanks Kevin

Spending time on movies, writing notes, playing short patterns, an thinking about the final improvisation is the main activity.

I go out only the week but not the week end, i don't know why, maybe because the achos is more present at the end of the week in Paris these last months.

I'm thinking about going to Amsterdam at the end of this year, and preparing the gig in Hungary, then the russian tour for Autumn season, next year.

My will to definitly leave paris is clear, life is far too much expensive, and i'm not materialistic at all, then i don't feel belonging to any of the persons here, except strangers who appreciate beers and talking to everything except friendship.

As i'v mentionned before, the Cosmologie facile release is here, and some tracks were published.

To exist.

Track Listing :

1 Trompe l’œil

2 Transhuman

3 Sagesse de l'obscurité

4 Resuscitation

5 Rassembles toi et penses fort

6 Oracle Des Sens

7 Mémoire Sélective

8 Lire le monde

9 l'ivresse des astres

10 janus numen

11 Horloge maîtresse

12 Heures miroirs

13 (For) all things that are infinite

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