This month is full of rain, i've discovered a great place to drink cocktails and share good music with geat people, which is rare in Paris, beause it's full of non paying attention cases.

Excepting doing sport, and painting, i cannot stand the agressive outside world, i keep the contact with someone who inspire me, she is the real godess, but it takes time to be together, you have to respect the other one and keep everything inside.

i will do some audio readings soon, extracts from books of Henry Bergson, Alan Watts, letters sent by Burrough to Ginsberg...and after my own letters sent to her for instance.

I'm surrounding my music ith various dimensions, therefore i will have the opportunity to perform with not only music but with a full package of tools and illustrations.

I will sell one of the new paintings soon during the concerts too, in limited editions.

Modular synth will be used for collaborations and by creating my own soundscapes afterwards; i only use the strymon pedals for the guitar, and then the minilogue from Korg with the neutron berhinger.

Chase bliss pedals to arrange the analogic sound of the keyboard, and finally the freeze one for the reading, a pedal from electroharmonix. A nomad configuration, with help from the amount of books i keep with me.

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