We are in October now, and the last concert will happen in Iceland in November. I want to collaborate more in the futur, even if the new album is ready to be recorded. Maybe i have even, too much synth, with th Korg Volca Key, the neutron, but i don't want to force myself to record things too fast. I was spending a lot of time on paintings too these last Three months, amongst 75 ...maybe i have to do something i really want further, i can feel that automatic process are surrounded me, and i don't like this. Avoiding isolation and moving forward can make a change. i don't feel like moving a lot for obscure reasons, i need to settle and watch time passing with slices of life. Some personnal things are happening, and this will be a crucial transition in my life until December. I can feel that my wings will spread, open, positive and optimisitc changes. I don't feel too scary, but rather the need to see things and not swallowing every parts in order to keep it all on my side.

This is different from tw years ago, something had to change and i know that it's the right moment.

Friends, people is all i need. Pure energy, and speaking, discussions, gathering my experience, and all ihave learnt. The need to put it all in light.

#october #paintings #kabaret #synth