A new chapter begins right now, i've finished something that took me some time, and so decided to quit Paris during a certain portion of time. Three books, one synth, and the necesary to write, in fact i had 9 tracks in mind for the next album, but i would prefer to focus on some titles rather than followinf a sort of military process. I'm using the basic sounds of the Volca Key from Korg, recording with the vocalive modul on my phone. I was supposed to add some overdubs with the pedal called Dark world from Chase bliss audio but sadly or happily i have forgoten the fact every analogic sounds is the basis of it all. I really appreciate the four pedals i'm using live, but i do think it's better to use it thereafter. Something was maybe missing, a kind of drum or rythmic tool. Today, i've decided to use the OP 12 from Teenage ENGINNERING.

I don't use the guitar anymore, it will be used for small parts after synth and pads parts. I want to surround and underline the idea that don't need a subterfuge at first sight.

And words, lyrics are so so important.

So one week here in Marrakesh, and then Reykjavik at mid November.

#Morocco #OP12 #Volcakey #Marrakesh