Spending time here is a true value, following Marrakesh i had brought my other keyboard and Po12 to work on the sync concerning the songs of the next album "Prometheus".

Since these three days, i've re arranged maybe 40% of the lyrics to stick with the album and the grasp of the details that i've forgotten during the last 4 years (except the last album "Cosmologie Facile" that was meant to be a bit experimental, an album made without any memories...).

The Book from Norbert Wiener "God And Golem" is a truely important source of inspiration, it follows me in every steps.

It remains that this album will keep seven songs and one bonus, i've kept several lyrics to just make some kind of readings as eventual transitions during live acts.

I've made two sessions here with my instruments, the deal was to find a sound to "dress" all the songs, and not doing different presets for each. The thing is to keep the original texture and notes, and having the possibility to improvise a little in live with various knobs, VCF and VCO.

I will come again here in Reykjavik, i know that. For me Europa is dying and has some advantages but i refuse the chaos that it has. I will be more precise : this chaos is not mine, i'm meant to be else where with other chaos that are more part of my inner spirit.

Dark Worl pedal is an amazing tool, Volca and Po12 too, many thanks to their creators.

Overdubs and arrangments will be done in studio with Neutron led by minilogue on Abletone afterwards at the end of this year.

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