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Writing from Malta, i'ts been two weeks i'm here, working hard on rythm, pads, analogic assigns...all good. There is a new section within the website called "Podcast", and i'm quiet happy with this new form of communication. I've always been more into sounds, talking rather than videos and pics, for these two ones i prefer to catch by mylself various essences but not me.

Weather is perfect here, i've moved to Gozo yesterday. For winter, it was the best opportunity for all this.

I've brought again the necesary, but i work more into the rythm of PO12,'s just fabulous and perfectly meant for me. I use the volca keys again too, but this is more a questio of notes : i was focusing on major chords, but now and for the continuity of the album Prometheus, i use seventh chors, and minors or even dominant 7th, diminished. Dark World pedal is sublime and really, not so much complicated when you know how to choose the right dips in the back. All this to obtain easy and confortable results and sounds, metric...for me Malta is perfect, life is simple, and there is a real history here. People are speking english off course, and i learn italian.

This is all for now...listen to the padcast...

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