Here now in February 2020, i don't use anymore any social networks, the reason is that there is too much inside these kind of apps, for me the essential is to continue to be happy creating and experiment. I have to admit that it became complicated these two last months, so a kind of numerical eradication was necessary, and it's all for good ! Mainly, i work on several parallel projects at this moment, and concerning these last ones i needed to concentrate on my own musical personality, being connected to some networks just erased my perception of what is making music and feel the need to express myself. The human brain is not a machine and being closed to the loved ones is essential, but too much images and so on is just a mess that can destruct one spontaneity. I've stopped to get new tools and devices too, sometime it takes much time to know how the stuff is working and you lost this craziness to just plug and play.