Hildegard Von Bingen is the only person i'm reading to and even her musical expression at this moment, this is a crucial energy and a very pleasant manner to be inspired, without any other thoughts.

The next release is rising, and i can say that it will be written in six different languages, i needed to find the best manner to express some feelings, and so french nor english could have been the best solutions.

I have made the choice to use one synth, two pedals (Transmisser and Space Spiral from EQD), and three Pocket Operators from Teenage Engineering (PO 12 PO 33 and PO35). When i was in Malta last year, i was working on some samples, and during these two last months i've succedded in using the Po's and so doing what i want with it, it was complicated at the beginning because i was immerged in the full possibilities of the fabulous beasts. That 's what i do when i'm passionate about something in production : it's part of pain BUt of rht good cause. I'm really happy.

I will move in various places further and looking for some intemporal inspirations, i have already the main keys in mind but another activities will lead me to the some places.

For the moment, i'm on standing by with paintings, but the next podcast will be published before 28 of February.

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