Still in quaratine here, but we begin a new step next week...we becme crazy here...

Anyway, concerning the next album, i have reduced the song list to...6 tracks only. I had 30 sheets of lyrics but i wanted to focus on these 6 finally, just because it resumes the concept and i didn't want to fill the album with songs that could express the same topics, so : Chaos Paradise, Venus Into The Moon, John Malkovich, Zephyr, Argentina and Léonie. I'm using the effects of my pedal board, including Strymon Dig and Blue Sky + Erathquaker Devices Space spiral & Transmisser, + Freeze from Electro harmonix. The full system is powered with Strymon Ojai. Guitar used : Taylors Gs Mini Koa, Synth Minilogue from Korg, and Po12 & Po33 from Teenage engineering. One has a Grand Piano melody, one a brass section and one with Strings (Violins).

It's a complicated record to make because it has to be really fluid and metric, i'm trying no to experiment too much but rather work on the harmonics. Each word, each note mean a particular work, so i don't want to put a precise date for the moment, and promo has to be more efficient than for the two previus albums, at the same time i didn't want to promote them for a question of budget.

For "El Circo Cubierto", titel in spanish, there will be a promo pack, with bio, press release, video on the making of, and single video for the first track.

The topic is simple : someone stuck somewhere, and each song represents one aspect of the activities. Politics, movie and entertainment, love, schizophrenia, travels, the nature. Two in english, one in spanish, one or two instrumentals i stll don't know it depends of the presets i'm making with the various pedals, and three in french. At this moment, each songs are at 35% recorded, it's the voice and lyrics that cause me more problems or i'd rather say work, just because i come back to songwriting process, a period i was on stand by since Futurition, after this album i began to experiment with modular, and melodies, more focusd on instruments than words and guitars.

Meanwhile, i have make transcriptions of the album "Prometheus" for acoustic guitar, it was really cool to work on it, because i have discovered other harmonics i didn't play with guitars, i have caught the harmonics and frequences of the neutron eurorack tracks, and as there is a precise bpm i 'm able now to work on it with other musicians as they can work on the chords. I'm making all the drums tracks with Po12 from Teenage Engineering, this tool is wonderful, and i make samples with the Po33 afterwards.

I will do a tutorial on the minilogue and how to make the architecture of a sound, and one tutorial over expression pedal, i have the expline from Mooer, ultra small but this great little beast is giving a second life to pedals. And finally i have to work on the volca keys with the dark world pedal from Chase Bliss audio, but using the expression pedal and dip swiths presets from the pedal.


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I'm waiting for the rest of the review over "El Circo Cubierto" in order to work properly on something new. Meanwhile, i've some tracks, long and large fields of soundscapes that i work each day as i