Anway, at this moment, i have never liked summer, even if we are in spring period, the temperature does not lie, so I take this opportunity to immerse myself in hesychast meditation, and also the books of Michel Houellebecq, and in particular a fabulous documentary Called 'Staying Alive', here.

I already have in mind how I will record the next album, I have selected several devices to design the sounds. Always needed to read something that corresponds to my mental state of the moment.

I am also working on a book, the title, I cannot give at the moment ... to tell the truth, I don't know if I will be able or wish to move from Paris, I now adopt the attitude of a hermit for the moment , I just need to not eat beyond what is necessary. I went out last week and the atmosphere really didn't make me want to stay late. There is a lot of lies and slander, the people I have met are sad and falsely ironic, more pathetic I would say. So, I work on this book in the morning, it's really great, and I admit that if i had to move that would be only to see the infinite movements of a lake and avoid contact with modern life, I am much happier with my machines and looking for a new illumination. I recommend everyone to eat few and buy olive oils, two or three and distinguish the characteristics. I'm thinking a lot about the countries of the north, Sweden is still present in my mind, I am not made to live in a country where the weather is nice, I like the rain, thunderstorms and melancholy, simply because it lets appreciate the joy, the truth.