Summer in Jelly

We are the 20 of June 8.38pm, things are coming back to normal, and i think faster than in other european countries, i'm just afraid for south of america at his moment...

From my part, i've re installed a new home studio, you can check the pic at the end of this post, promo has been sent for the last album "El Circo Cubierto", at a very first one is from Italy Darkroom magazine. I've chosen to send a newsletter to all my network, and then sending cd's with press release to some of them, as i didn't received email for a certain number of person, but the statistics are the most important since a long time for this album. Live i will only play "Venus into the moon", and then see with other musicians what they can do with other tracks. A new set list for live acts is active, and i've added a chorus pedal to certain arrangments, the reflector V3 from Old Blood noise endeavors. Normay the next gig will be in Portugal, and then later in Tokyo, i will not miss this opportunity for a second time. In general i don't really like summer time, but i've chosen to live it differently this period like other big facts all along the year, (my birthday, the first day of the year and so on...). Finally, i put a pic of Annecy, the lake, i've spent three days out there last week, to work on my volca synth, you can get cd's of the last albums by contacting me here or my bandcamp page (El Circo Cubierto, Prometheus, Cosmologie Facile, Inaturel, No Age...i can edit other copies of Futurition, Black Moon, Third Eye or even Six Diamonds if needed.


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I'm waiting for the rest of the review over "El Circo Cubierto" in order to work properly on something new. Meanwhile, i've some tracks, long and large fields of soundscapes that i work each day as i