The Long Anh Djinny Road

I'm still in Paris and experiment with three ideas i had in mind since the release of the last album "El Circo Cubierto" end of May. First is the most proeminent and called "Immaginazione" in #Italian, in the past i had made already one in this language (Beautiful one, the best for me) and it was for the song "In Questo Specchio" from "Now I'm Black Moon" album in 2009 following a stay in Berlin...this time my neighborhood she helped me with certain sentences, but the major parts were okay according to her; the secon is in french and a last one in english, i think that's the best thing to do because it allowes me to experiment with three synth and getting ideas i couldn't have witht he guitar only, and then the guitar have the benefit of the harmonics and i can compose slight parts with the pedalboard i use now (Pic at the end of this post).

I still wait for other feedbacks and reviews about the new album, and so these three songs will be a complementary to the album, all has to be okay for end of September, and then i go to Sofia in Bulgaria.

Lots of people have already gone here, and i have begun a new hygiena of life, no alcool and so on and lots of meditation based on the philosophy of #Hesychasm, i have received tow books with epic sumarian stories and poems. Books are the only thing who help me to struggle against melancholy, this pain i have since many years. A this moment i barely listen new music, but classical ones more, in my #Iphone i have 10 albums including traditional Turkish albums, Popol Vuh, Harmonia (the german band), Fumio Miyashita (off course and always...can't wait to go to Tokyo from September besides) and Hildegar Von Binge. I want to start another type of post with the blog with poems and short news in french, maybe i will use another platform for this or creating a new section in the website itself, these words will be not so consentual, i need this to empty certain visions and feelings in my mind when i suffer from midlife crisis. I have three possible plans to go during summer but it bugs me...

The new podcast is online, i had pleasure to record it.

You will find too in this post a pic of the Gecho LoopSynth, a sensor kinda like synth, that i have used with the #Po12 from #TeenageEngineering, it creates harmonical vibes from Rythm.

Everyone like to take sun bath and being cool...well it's not my case, i don't like summer, it depresses me.

I focus on my plants and make them grow, birds of all kind are coming near my windows here, and even seagulls, when someone is calling me they thing i'm by the sea but no, the ocean is inside me.

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