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I have a very different rythm of work now, woke up at 5am and working on lyrics during maybe two or three hours, one hour of meditation, and then reading six pages of three different books. Feeding myself with sardines and rice. Two liters of water and then recording during 5 hours by just putting play and starting by writing a proper structure for the song, but in general i record during 30 minutes and have a look again three days after, and re record; the bpm is precise but i'm working more on using various delay pedals for the rythmic. It allows to make variations and being fancy for the whole lenght.

For the previous album i've tried to make something more consentual, avoiding to experiment too much, i think you can listen to "Prometheus" or even "Arsenal" albums to be into this kind of music, "El Circo Cubierto" is more cinematic, and more minimalistic. Just a try ! and then live, the songs take a second breath, more experimental and Krautrock i would say.

Then i'm working on "Summoned Summoners" now, as usual it's possible that i finish it before the end of the year but for the moment, i'm focusing on hard working with pedals, and the gecho loop synth. This next album will be more "organic" with much guitars and with a real Buddhist philosophy inspiration, like you were in a monastery in Vietnam while the world is moving like a snake with a ew skin...anyway, so it will be radical, can't wait to play it again and again. Excited i am...after a kind of depression post pandemic, i didn't realized that my soul and body were so weak. But i'm working on it, and something will be made through this next album.

I have maybe six patterns for drums and use it for 13 titles i have in mind, plus various ideas i keep for live acts. This new process is really fluid, and i feel alive with that. Asmr (Kali Channel) helps me to stay in good shape too, the equilibrium during this period is important and by keeping the contact with other musicians, artist and friends all around the world.

Recently, i've "thrown" a song on sheet over a past away musician, a kind of tribute to him but the music will not sound like he did, rather just saying how much he brought at his time.

Others will follow, i personaly avoid the night outside and work in the studio, the instruments and samples, mourning lyrics and others... i will sometime put some signs of life on #Instagram, and maybe some extracts of recording on #Youtube but it's a bit early for that. Its really a moment and a period to try new things and change customs at every level.

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