What is interesting when you wake up around 4 or 5 is that your brain is absorbing something pure, another kind of energy, an emptiness in calm.

I'm working on 20 ideas, with a precise set up, and recently i'm using a #BitCrush pedal from Alexander Pedals, the Syntax Error (see pic below) with major root notes such as Sus4 for the next album, with a #SpringReverb and low damp with the blue sky from #Strymon sometime, it's fantastic.

I'm taking time and for the lyrics, quiet influences by Buddism from Vietnam. When i say 20 tracks, that means that i'm acting in a certain "let go" attitude, and mostly having fun doing it.

No need of six chords for a song, but riff and single notes, textures, oscillators presets, and then being able to doing it in the same way live; which is the case and always be from now on.

There enough time because of the covid in France at this moment, the situation is critical again so i'm optimizing time.

I'm listening to #BrainTicket and Joel Vandroogenbroeck in the morning and off course Fumio Miyashita during meditation. I will record something new with Kjell Braaten too, we love working together as our styles are different but complementary. Finally, i'm in contact with a publishing house, but i still don't know if i will send poems or short stories, i really love their literary review.

Finally, paintings are on pause for the moment, i will se next year.