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Lots of things in mind thes last weeks, in fact i've worked hard on these tracks and suddenly i've realized that it was not sticking to what i had inside.

So i've deleted everything, then thought maybe somethings were cool, and succeeded in getting the whole thing, but finally i've realized that my instinct was ok.

The work done will be useful for the next ideas. The problem, is that i didn't really know what i was doing, and by trying to sing, or speak on it, it was a "harmonious mess". So i've focused on the main meaning: do what speaks to you and that can be re-interpreted.

So the work done, and the deep new reflexes by recording will be good for what's next.

So in a certian sense, i have a new black page again.

But if i had to choose between these two feeling of impatience, despair and precise view of this situation, i would choose the right one: everything that is done with a certain will will be useful in an uncertain futur.

Because we never know about the futur, it 's the source of despair.

I've kept songs done with the guitar and voice. Because i was recorded in parallel two things, there is a certain cleaning reflexe to have now. And by working on the lyrics, precise ones, things will come.

It's like that, a transition, something is happening, and some things have gone, like everything in this world.

There is an archive with sounds and nature sounds that will help, but really i have to know excatly the final objective.


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