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Updated: May 23, 2022

I've decided to sell a good part of the instruments that I use no more, or that doesn't fit my work anymore; better that these devices serve someone else and bring joy...It's on Reverb , and if you are interested some of them are still available.

I've kept my eurorack rack which hardly changes since the essential is inside. Normally, you can feel that a new module can be a new door to open, but in my case, the actual rack is just perfect.

I've added next to it, a small case with 4 modules that can bring something in plus ( Viol Ruina, Diode Chaos, and Instruo 1f, the cross fader...)

For the guitar, Strymon pedals really are what I need for live performances and recordings (Dig Dual Delay and Blue Sky), and that's the reason why i have put online therest of my previous pedalboard.

Strymon pedals can sculpt the sound without having too much present character, a really pure sound that you can work on.

Concerning new audio or organic elements, i've spent a few days in the south of Spain, in Minorca where I was able to record several sounds that I will use for the next album. This region is really wonderful, and hide astonishing vibrations.

These last weeks, vinyls have their place here too, and especially lp of Hiroshi Yoshimura, Susumu Yokota, I'm really into japanese ambient.

*******So, the next album will be recorded in a completely different way, and not on the same computer medium as before...I will use an audio interface with an Iphone and vocalive. I've made some tries and it sounds better than on a computer.

Working differently on the process, with words, few, and playing it over and over, since the musical basis is here, the versions will change slightly time after time...with the modular system, i ended saying to myself, 'why keeping just one version...?" But the imporant fact is the words, and the spell.

***The circle of fifth and the Tonnetz diagram are by my side too in order to put down the notes and details of each tracks.

*Book references will inspire the texts and lyrics too, it's always part of the process, in the present case:

VRS, social role valorization, The Voice Of Negativity, and The Philosphy of Solitude (from the "Difference" collection").

I talk most of time of solitude because in the past, i thought it was a curse, but since one year and half i personnaly see it as a normal situation and keeping in mind the good things out of it, and not the negative loneliness of the soul.

I think you born like this, and it's impossible to reject this kind of fact, just accept and optimizing it. There is something else in the air, and one/something is always listening somewhere; when you know this, everything is possible...

**For this album, I'm going to go back to a period that I lived months ago;

I think we're never alone in experiencing things; but while we are in a small time of existencial crisie, we don't show up to the world. Even if you can see the majority being outside and enjoying the plurality of everyday life...others are somewhere else, home or laid down, but here at the same time.

If you concentrate, you can feel what someone can live and how he's at distance, that's the shift phenomenon. This pas period of pandemic has making more important the ability of introspection and sense of details for most of us.

****I will do more live sessions on Twitch too; since I have found a way to really give off a pure and authentic sound.

I have in mind to release audio K7 formats too, but a production like this requires a certain know-how...



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