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I've decided to include more songs to the album "Ontologia", time after time i've new ideas and with a very particular vibe, nothing down...i've acquired a certain freedom in mind. By working on the Théravada, and being completly immerged into it, i've open new doors in my mind...seeing a light, a certain state of mind i've been looking for since time. For the actual song, i only use a metronom with various presets, and tuning the guitar in 432hz, with a capo, it's an object i've always kept in a small desk here, and so i tried several things after this long previous period with modular, innede freedom and more diversity in the composition. With real lyrics, with no self sabotage, because when i've finished the modular period i waanted to make a third part to the trilogy of the album blue zaxon and seahorse comleplxe..;and then i felt like a prison, something that told me to not doing etc...and i forced myself to play everyday with the guitar i've toured with during the last 15 years, it's bigger one than the taylor gs mini koa, and so by using the capo i felt the size was not a problem.

Then i've seen and felt my voice was richer than before, and this feeling of playing with various "Ontologia" began like this, and with the continuity of buddism learning, i was two months ago into the median path and then the Théravada now. It's something that is part of my spiritual path that began during the pandemic, in this time i was struggling against three diseases, alone and with my instruments. So the goal is that goal at all but following something that don't harm myself. For the guitar, i've always been fascinated by the spring reverb, at the final i think that the two guitar , effect that i like the most are tape delay and spring reverb. When you feel the instrument and make a fusion with your mind without any hitchs, it feels good. But it needs a certain isolation, and staying in a safe place to be closer of some things and birds for instance. No judgment, a certain strength to listen to your instinct and understand what you have to do.

Some songs are present on my youtube channel, the others are on the bandcamp page, but more songs will come.


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