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Will probably play during the annual music party in France, at Tartine which is a restaurant and bar on le marais district, here is the set list with covers included:

Never learn not to love - beach boys

Only after dark - tito and the tarentulas

hearth of gold - neil young

so long marianne - leonare cohen

white rabbit - jefferson airplane

love her madly - the doors

blue dream - kjivek

winds of the evening - kjivek

sunday rain in paris - kjivek

each feeling has a face - kjivek

three candles - kjivek

blue tea with buddah - kjivek

if william burroughs were here - kjivek

the house near the lake - kjivek

devils in my room - kjivek

sympathy of for the devil - rolling stones

in my life -the beatles

the scientist - cold play

the occasion to play the new songs like blue dream and if william burroughs were here, a kind of musical conversation between him and me and about writing, the seconcd accoustic album should be ready to releases for July, again purely acoustic but with guitar doubled...

will see if i can move but not before august, sureley making a kind of wild cruise in the norther part of europa.

i'm missing time and energy to re include the modular synths in the music, maybe during the winter part of this year, i needed a break from it ,and just use my voice and a capao with the guitar to reallly control what i do and keep it in my heart and soul in order to be able to play it everyhwere and in any occasion.

I want to do a piano ep too, and it will be on my notepad.


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