The last few weeks have been devoted to texts, something special has come into my mind and this has given rise to a certain motivation different from normal to go deeper into ideas.

There are two songs that are going to require me even more work since the inspiration will be found day by day.

At the same time, to inject additional energy, I am rearranging songs from two albums: "Prometheus" & "Cosmologie Facile", everything will be written in music theory, and working with new analog material, the Sq1 sequencer with the Moog Werkstaat01. The choice is made empirically, instinctively; the first work concerns the song 'L'Oiseau à Trois Ailes' from the album "Prometheus", then "Janus Numen" from the album "Cosmologie Facile" ..... Strategy, could not be more fluid and clear.

For the next album which will be released on January 21, I have four visuals for the cover and booklet, but I am not broadcasting anything for the moment, it is preferable to let things mature. In the photo at the end of this post, you will find a fairly large #pedalboard (in my opinion), I am working on the song "Transhuman" from the album "Cosmologie Facile" released in early 2019 and that I had presented in #Barcelona in #Spain ; so I am working with loops in order to identify the peculiarities of the effects pedals that I received recently.

Concerning the forthcoming 2021 album "Summoned Sumoners", there will be a featuring on the title "Lady White".

At the moment, I'm immersed in the writings of the Gnostics, it's fabulous ... and I play on repeat albums that I love enormously: "New Age Of Earth" by #Ashra, "Silent Echo" ... by Fumio Miyashita, and Hiledgard Von Bingen "Canticles Of Ecstasy".


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