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"Onil" Into #Rhodiola (°.°) (+.+) (*.*)

Today is the Spring Equinox, at 10:30 am precisely, which means that the day is as long as the night or vice versa, it depends on how we look at things and which way.

"No Title" - 17.80X13 - Unique Copy on sale via Bandcamp.

I have done all this week, every day, stream sessions on Twitch. I find the exercise really interesting, at the beginning i saw it as a performance, a bit like a concert, but in fact it's quite pleasant to be able to share something else. I think you have to adapt to the format but it's not very difficult and inspiring on the contrary.

As the week went on, i've realized that my sessions were getting shorter and shorter, since in my head i was assuming that I had what I had to do and then stop ; but in fact it is a mistake, because I had a few people who wanted to discuss and therefore sharing remain beneficial.

Yesterday, i was working on a very small synthesizer called the Gecho Loop Synth that allows you to really experiment with interesting things by having all the sensitivity of the ambient sound of a room since the internal microphone is very sensitive.

I will reiterate the experience with the installation i am working on for the recording of the next album. And this exercise was necessary in order to realize several things, it is part of the process of evolution.

Anyway, i consider art and music, in my own schema, as a spiritual path until the end of my life.

The next album is called "Azimuth" (With Prs Electric Guitars not folk this time...)

Currently, we are dealing with a third semi lockdown in Paris, which will allow me to continue my spiritual journey and in particular to immerse myself in an old book on the life of Saint-Antoine Le Grand and "The Ladder of Divine Ascent" of Saint John Climachus ... the Rhodiola will help...(...) and "The vespers of Rachaminov" too °, -...

I didn't invest at all, lately, in new instruments, apart from a small phaser pedal of the "Electro Harmonix" brand, i really like this brand and Mike is a really crazy and inspired person.



Azimuth - Home Studio Set Up



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