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I am currently in Provins at 1:30 hour from Paris. I decided to go to this small region not very far from Paris because quite simply I had never done it and in general when I choose a destination it is only on the one hand I have a goal and on the other hand I have never done it; ;

I think I would return to a place more regularly if I left with someone I think the logic would be different there would be a different attachment to the place.

The wonderful thing about life is that you can be creative from year to year, from week to week and even from one day to the next. It is true that my objective here is the interest I have in this place and that it is a medieval town which is part of the UNESCO heritage and I brought my computer and my notebook to write certain things.

I arrived this afternoon and I don't regret it at all. I had imagined going to Greece but the prices are exorbitant and then it didn't correspond to my objective once again, I'm going to spend 3 days here and so spend these times with a beautiful garden with lots of birds and it's fabulous.

Like what sometimes you don't have to look very very far to be happy but I think that the most important thing is to be happy in your heart and apart from softening the moment you can be happy apart from that it's very important, there is this 4 day rule when we go on a trip after the 4th day I think it's physiological there is a feeling of depression I can't explain it I won't even try not to explain it in a song potentially.

I'm writing a lot at the moment I have maybe 3 or 4 notebooks filled with ideas with different things, it takes time and since recording the last album I think that You have to experience things before directly monopolizing creativity which depends on something more important.

And what is quite incredible and mind-blowing is that currently on April 29, 2024 the weather is completely unstable everywhere we can go; that's why I chose in this logic not to go far because if we calculate the cost of travel and the end result not worth it.

It is planned that I leave at the beginning of July in a week and that I leave here during the month of August at the end of August surely in Venice , Italy.

I think that all this will be part of the process in relation to the next recordings and this happens from one week to the next... I am unable to plan in advance.

Sufist poems and the writings of Emmenuale Swedenborg are of interest at present and I will see later if other writings are evident.

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