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Accoustic Ti!

At this time beginning a new time of composing, a sort of coming back to real musical composition process. Using a real metronom with my Gs Taylor guitar, and in front of my eyes around 25 txts, sorting a bit but mainly playing them with chords, and capo. I'm using quiet conventional chords, and so after i will make small arrangment with modular, but with a midi keyboard, to make some illustrations. The main thing is to play it with the guitar and get a nice chorus and singin poems mainly on serenity spirit.

Coming back to the real freedom to compose something that can speak to many and playing it just with a guitar and the voice. My main strengts was the voice and singing, the instruments are normaly in the back...and so i go back to this. After the long perdiod of instrospection and contemplantive work, i've a great pleasure to re -work something less experimental...ths covid is over, the lock down is passed, everything has to be new and adaptative to this new world.

So i will need these dozen of new tracks to express myself and open the fields, and so in order to perform in slightly different places. I will use another nickname for the next release and work.

It's possible that i make an episod of the podcast in french too, the new episod is ready and i will record it beginning of next week.

Take Care


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