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Finally decided and succeeded in release and record the major songs of the last three months, off course really folk and i'd say acoustic mainly. The reason is that after spending time with the modular i needed to come back to a certain effort in making a melody, using differnet rythms in 2/4 or even 3/8, for this i'm using a metronom on my phone and thewith the possibility to vary the bpm.

And so adapting the various parts of the songs thanks to all this, for instance i'm using a 2/4 strum for "Blue tea with Buddha" and in real the song "song for sd" was the first one that leaded me to this exercise. The modular synths during almost three years have alloed me to feel differently the conception of a song, a certain rigor, and so still i look at them i say to myself " i want more..." BUT the fact is that i need to leave it for a moment in order to come back to it after a period of real composition.

The fact to plug many things to work on a sound is a lot of efforts, another type, and i've spent so much time even by waking up by night to compose and control them to make new songs, and that's what i've done with "blue zaxon" and " the seahorse complex", there will be a third part of this trilogy but after maybe one or two albums with the folk freedom mood. There is more english songs than french, just because french is really different to work on, the fluidity is not here and there are ao few french composers who really sing, it's strange beacuse from an exterior poitn of view, i see much personn appreciating this language...i've written songs in the bast in french but with a certain black hole mood, and today i want to make it differently. it will be done but with the help of certain phenomenons.

In "Ontologia" the buddism spirit is really present and the connection with what is surrouned me here since the i really like working on the guitar with juste the bpm, a capo, and strum work with various types. While recording it i didn't listened to any folk composers, the energy came from all the work done with the head, buddha and other things like the wind,and the sound of the rain; i have a dozen of filed recording things, rain drops with a regular tempo, the wind taken at various point of a place while he was blowing for instance, and so some of them were recorded in Malta during the week i spent two months ago.

Another thing is that loops are not for me or maybe more samples that are recorded and free all along not with a particuler rythm, tight and sounding the same, i like the freedom in the live movements of a performance, but the basis has to be really clear, so there is a choice to make.

I think the come back to the real songs making will come back maybe, but for this it needs a real work in the dark and working with the intention not to show it on the internet all the time, keeping it byt your side and your heart and then decide to perform it in real not in front of a computer. It's like the work at distance, it doesn(t work for everyone and we remain humain...will see.

i personnaly continue to follow the path i've begun during the pandemic and the most important is//// to be happy even in the deepest darkness ever...i've new ideas for new acoustic songs, with the pad i have with me i have a new process of writting, and the wotk is done in two steps, first with the pad and then rearrange it with my compiter and then keeping on a real sheets, paper, and write on it again with new words, little things athat help to make it brighter.

We are in May and if you pay attention to everyday life, you would see that birds are more present that before...have a look and consider, it's amazing, and the wind is another side of the present situation, why ? i don't's , that'a all...

this album will be released in Cd i do think next month.


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