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Alicante 2024

So i've been to Alicante from 1 to 7 of January of this year, it was an interesting week, lots of thoughts and pain and blind wills...but all for good. I've worked on the new release on my laptop with th Abletone version 11 and all the samples i had. Finally i've just kept the midi files and guitar parts with bunch of lyrics, important topics for me. I've worked har, and mixing my learning of Buddhism through it. I've i can say finished 70% of ten tracks. And i'm happy with it, just missing new guitar parts, slight changes about structures and enough space for the lyrics, all in french this time.

It can be releases before spring, i've decided to stop reading and learning all the buddhism wisdom now, i've taken the whole year to alternate between life and trips and this spiritual path, i need now to realize all the suttas through life in the real sense. You see we live in a completly new world where strenght is not only the only source of realization. Time neither has an impact. It's all

So i can see that buddhism is an important item to go through all this, but without a real guru, master you have to do it by yourself even if your body changes and makes you think that it's a another form of effort to do.

For the releases named "L'ange des six eaux", i use the samples made and recorded in Spain, french Normandy, Malta and even Paris. This city itried to flee is my city, and so in this album you will be able to see a fusion of all this. Midi has helped me to make concrete new ideas and new excitments. At this moment i read a book from Vladimir Jankélévitch, and it's sublime, pairing it with a book from an historian called Léo Henry, Hildegard.

Through the process of "L'ange des six eaux", i only listened to Hiroshi Yoshimura albums, that 's still the only music that don't makes me happy and just normal. There is something inside, and i d'ont want to understand , just feel.

For the lyrics and this record, it's all in french, the idea was not clear, but yes at the same time, putting in light my original language and doing something special, not influenced by the most famous singers in this country, but something else. Guitars are more discreet, and with particualr organic echos, and feelings, just to adapt the melodies and dynamics. The dynamic is definitely something important in this one.

Happy new year to you all


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