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Alter Native

There is an album of "Stars of the lid" that i like very much, it's "Avec Laudenum"; during a certain moment like this now, exhausted and thinking of the fact if i have to listen to my instinct or not for certain choices.I needed txts and lyrics in order to keep it with me, and struture them for a live session or maybe even another project. I was listening to Pauline Oliveros and smoking Cbd.

By focusing on the deep listening exercice i imagined a scene over the current track i was listening and my imagination was floating very precisely with concrete images. The advantage with Cbd of really good quality is that you don't suffer from post effects, it's natural and perfect for people who have anxious symptoms. Personnaly, it helped me to create with a positive mindset since; after the long work done with modular synths since the pandemic, i've realized that i was really into me, maybe too much and overthinking when you write like me can lead to abyss. So to put the ladder up, i was writing with hands, not computer , and knowing exactly the words i wanted to write down, and the ideas my will wanted to see appear. It means a comlmete silence and to let your brain follow your astral envelope immerged the physical context.

Days are passing really fast, February and i think that it will be a good year for everyone with lots of philantropical behaviours, i think that everyone will gather more and exchange just simply; i can feel it in the air. I can feel that i need to put out gently what is inside since one month.

I was watching my gear the last past days, there is really less than before, the Dig pedal the Taylor guitar, and the modular synths. I didn't change things concerning this last, there is everything inside to propose music and ideas, imaginery. I still continue to publish extracts of working sessions, that's a good manner to keep ideas in mind. The last release that i have published still is in my mind too, the exercise to publish not an album but maybe two tracks and next an Ep helps to rememeber the echos of the composition.

An order of rare books and atypical on Zen and Tibetan Buddhism soon to the mail too, i'm supposed to go to a meditation dojo afternoon thie next friday, i think it can open the doors wider. I've spent the last two months with this philosphy of life, this impetus.

The double vision is a shift of the reality, it means to divide the inner vision in two, one above the other and then keeping the eyes openned to grab a visual scene, this manner to perceive the phenomenons of life would be really interesting in front of an audience by playing with a discreet pad, and...well have to do it, beacause it's impossible to imagine.

We can imagine but most of time it attracts a certain bad feeling, to live the present only without letting the past and the futur taking the advantage is the best manner to see life going slower. I don't know if "to imagine" is a waste of has various forms, but by using the double vision it takes a most important aspect.

The shadow of a flower, the satisfaction of a taste, watching a's certain examples of things that has their importance in everyday life.


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