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Americ@n Dream

I usually use three not pads in order to put ideas's a sum of work, a certain effort to gather all kinds of feeling.

Since the trip to Malta and then Madere, i have several sounds, and fiels recordings, but tried this morning, it was not suited to what i do at the time.

The phenomenon of modular, in my mind, is driving my creative process sometime, like i think about a bpm and then things i could's a nightmare, a beautiful nightmare in fact, that's why i have written "Ontologia" the last album with the accoustic, a capo, and various kind of rythme in 4/3 or even 5/8, but my ear was tented to do in 4/4...a pacific struggle. So various things in the notepads. Yesterday i had in my mind to get a book with various parts of the Canon Pali. Serein, objective and i came back to the fourth district acting like a tourist in my own city. It was fun, and stopping by various bridges to read the book and i was...happy (very strange feeling). During this week end i have recorded new things but only patterns i knew i would surely cut and use to make a structure with the guitar, but again the objective is not to get more tools, it's amazing for me because before i used to compose with more things and less details about the main musical idea, now it's the contrary. And so i keep the same gear most of the time, out of trying things with another filter for instance.

The thing is that i have so many ideas in mind, that i need to write it all, and then by making it i tend to make it perfect in a certain sense. I don't listen to same kind of music, but i like to post gentle comments when i view performances, or record on youtue, that's the only platform i'm active. I'm supposed to go on 31 of August until 12 of September but i don't know yet. My instinct is wonky.

By reading this book, it's to be more precise the Majjhima Nikaya, i was searching for the Digha Nikaya too but it was out of stock. So this canon pali discurses i read it in a strong way, focusing on the original pali version and the french version, i think all this is entering my soul and make makes results.

Personnaly i feel empty during the sunday, it's now for me the worst day. I have to find another activity for this day.

I will continue the podcast ( french or english? i think i will go back to english), i think i will make it but have to try new things to make it clear for most. The flipboard is not really active for the moment, i find news are all the same, the same cycle etc...boring then. I think in life, we have to find one little thing each day to consider that we are happy, it's important, and the taking care of the body ( a nice soap, frech sheets on your bed, feeling the warmth of the wind...).

The book i work on at this moment is really divided in several chapters with a particular time, the time decides the content of the words and "story".

Going back to the next trip, i was in Vietnam but the period will be complicated with the rain even if it's on of my favorite natural element on this planet. So i don't know, the objective is to be in front of the ocean, in Madere beaches or sea front are not conventional as the nature of the island is volcanic.

Love has today a new meaning: desperate quid pro quo

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