Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Currently, the album is progressing well, the configuration is the same as for the instruments used, this wants to obtain a complete homogeneity on the 19 songs. I don't know who will make the cover yet, I have two ideas but I'm still waiting a bit.

This album is deeply inspired by the Book of Sir James Georges #Frazer, "The Golden Baugh", not directly but just because the 600 pages of this book are always with me and in my mind...I love this book of #Ethnology...this is magnificent.

Regarding the concerts, the first streaming will take place next week on Instagram (14 Nov. 8pm Paris Utc), I will do one per month, and at different times in order to be able to play live in several areas of the world.

Technically, I have 4 more songs, unreleased in parallel which are written but not recorded, they will be used for side projects, and I'm using a new recording software, or rather a new version that I had bought two years ago, better late than never ... this is Ableton version 9, and I will work with a new instrumental formula, with a Moog, a Korg Sq1 sequencer and the pocket Operator 128 Megaman (8bits) and still the 9 pedals; I will receive the last version and the last copy of the excellent Wombtone MkII, from #ChaseBlissAudio thanks to an Irish dealer. A sound in this case, which will be the continuity with the album I am currently recording. But with this little something, analog that creates magic and transcendent happiness. In the morning, I've added various records to appreciate the twilight, these are records of the following artists and groups: #BröselMaschine #CosmicJokers #DamoSuzuki #GünterSchickert #Hölderlin #Neuland #MichaelRother #Neu! (the 75's album only) & Green Desert by #TangerineDream (my favorite album). When the Lockdown is over, i will travel to #Dublin .

My aim is to live after in Sweeden like an ermit, seriously...

***By the way, the video documentray that will be 21 minutes lenghts will be online at the end of January 2021, here you will find the outcome :

1-Intro (1 minute) Overview of the Tracks;

2-Guitar Work (5 Minutes);

3-Fx Pedals with presets (5 Minutes);

4-Lyrics and inspirations (2 Minutes)

5-Synthesizers (2 Minutes)

6-Rythmic (2 Minutes)

7-Samples (1 minute)

8-Structure and Patterns (1 Minute)

9-Daw Part1 & Part2 (2 Minutes).