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Updated: May 26

In May 2024, in Paris, turn off these individuals since the Olympics will take place in 70 days. This entails quite a few consequences in terms of security measures, of course, and in everyday life since we live in a country that is not the same as it was 20 years ago, especially after this famous lockdown, given that the state is taking measures that are quite exceptional.

As for me, I have made some new resolutions both in terms of health and regarding everyday life in order to ensure something for a future that seems to be quite rich and serene. I learn italian, and I am not performing at the moment, which is both a bit annoying and at the same time, I think I do not convey the necessary will to present something even if there is material. There is a real pleasure and vocation that continues to arise and to compose and to surpass oneself in terms of originality of composition, writing, and interpretation concerning an inner journey inspired by the external context and the love of others. This is a process that I have never done in the past, and I think that this period since I last performed in Austria deserves some clarification that is quite simple.

The titles that I compose and write at the moment are titles that I need to play a lot, to work on given that a lot of things have been released in recent years and that I have the possibility to manage a recording from A to Z, so the challenge is to propose something that pleases more today than before and that also corresponds to my physiological state and my ability to survive in a world which, I admit, in France is undoubtedly much less worse than in certain other regions of the world, it is evident. It is necessary to know how to admit to being privileged, I thank heaven for that.

The new songs are composed acoustically, and I use the capo much more than before, then recording with the electric guitar with a special preset with the bluesky reverb from Strymon, the lyrics come from a title that comes to mind; I stopped walking around in bars to get inspiration since I am much more efficient at home, I use much more the time I spend outside to meditate, to walk, to watch people, and to appreciate every second in order to make the most of what I learn and integrate, and especially now compared to all the Sufi writings which, following the learning of Buddhism, I find in Sufi poems and writings very interesting things and links somewhere, not to mention this mystical side there are values that are common I would even say between orthodoxy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism but to a lesser extent with Catholicism which is much harder I find.

For example Louis Chardon is considered a mystic in Christianity his aesthetic is very different from the previous examples I mentioned. There are books that I browse very slowly because of the impact on the mind. All this has a consequence on the songs that I compose but I would go so far as to say that they are not even songs anymore but musical writings with a comma, the middle voice remains a common imperative to all these writings and these melodies. In this year 2024, I use different means to be able to advance on all this, but I remain convinced that the core, the seed, the essential comes from a really simple idea, a sort of uniqueness devoid of any embellishment.

If a song is very produced, for some to dance for example but it has no composition value I doubt it will last in the next 10 or even the next 100 years. A great attachment to all the artists who have existed during these last 50 years, a lot of media and a lot of people have difficulty in being able to stand out minor artists but who I think have the capacity and the richness to influence those who know how to stand out because they know how to network and do what it takes to be appreciated by influential people this is the law that's how it is!

I am supposed to leave in July and I admit I don't know yet where I was thinking about Finland but I need to really think about it, recently I did a drawing with the yi jing, and a drawing with the tarot, and what came out of it was 90 percent similar, which surprised me a lot, reassured me and at the same time very happy to know that I have the ability and the opportunity today to be able to read and understand a current situation understand the effects of the past and therefore foresee to some extent the future but I remain convinced that only the present counts.

I recently discovered and greatly appreciated the following films, records, tapes, books: -Cosmic Michael -Icarus, Janus (two krautrock bands) -Al Gahzail (Sufi mystic).

I no longer use an iPhone, I recovered a small device, a Nokia 3210, a device that was quite well known 20 years ago and I admit that it removed a lot of my anxieties, I take in fact the opposite of today's society which is hyper connected, I love a simple alarm clock to wake me up in the morning that makes me hear every 2nd the time passing but strangely hearing the time passing is much less distressing for me than having a bad habit of always ******** a smartphone.

In truth, this object it has been a few days since I only use the 3210 I do not have internet access so I simply use my PC to consult and do things.

Nota: This following link is about Catherine Christer Hennix : podcast

I avoid as much as possible being assisted by immediately obtained information and doing what it takes to stay human, adding to that to have a notebook always with me and a slightly more substantial notebook to be able to write all kinds of things whether ideas as I said the tarot drawing simply thoughts that are useful to me later. My main goal is to keep a very good mental health to be happy and to physically have the capacity to stay well, I spoke of the middle way because it is a concept that I found astonishingly in Sufism but which I had previously learned through Buddhism

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