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Updated: Apr 23

One of the best thought is to realize that in each thing you can achieve, there is a vibration launched in the cosmos.

It's a good manner to be more confident, and this is definitely true...

Each of us is a part of a flow, like a river...i hear sometime person quiet deceived to not be something and well-known, or someone with a lot of audience in various sides of life. Comparaing onself with others, and not following our own path lead to a psychic mess; after all... our goal here is to be happy ?

Our nature is like that, and no one can escape even if you use various material things to put your body or presence in these cases, the light can shut down very rapidly.

Very karmic human beings are discreet and act in the dark but well surrouneded, that 's why i've written the last Ep over the Romane Decadence period. I definitely love this release, it's somewhat the second part of Azimut ep...4 has always been a good number for me.

Following the pandemic and the work i personnaly made on myself and creative process, i've seen that it's impossible to go forward if you don't have a social activity. It can be subtle like talking with strangers or even being there for someone, or just smile to a person next to you.

The impact of what we do today is more powerful than before, and silent can be a really good attitude to live with others, better than talking and showing too much your person, and this because you feel the pain and suffer, suffering is really personal, and not because of a weakness with the body itself.

I personnaly make a pause on composing, i need to see the instruments as new, and to obtain this fact it's essential to let it go, being in slow life.

The fact is that i take my notepad and write all i have in mind with a title, and then write it down on the computer.

But i know that modular synths and modules are the essential tool to put in music a certain feeling. It's not the case with basic instruments, but the truth is that there is two way to achieve it: making something almost alive and experimental without structure or in second hand something square; looping, patterns over and that case it can kill your spontaneity...

I'll record today the fourth episod of the podcast #EveryOneIsEveryone, i'll precise the content of the three parts.

One live concert will happen in July in Swiss the 5 of July to be precise, i think the whole new release will be played, and song from "Blue Zaxon" (a lot). This last one is my fav album of me... in fact, it's in the right same direction that "Futurition". ( These two album are only available on Bandcamp, on Spotify there is just a couple of release...ndlr)

Wanted lastly to thank the good words received by people who are supporting my art and my person.

Thank you


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