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I bought a book, Pauline Oliveros' book on "deep listening"...I wanted to understand how she worked.

Since months, there are things that change in my way of composing, the passage with modular synthesizers does not leave you unscathed if you compose.

So, in this book... I learned few things, or at least there were things that I already knew, reflexes that I had developed by myself, but that's precisely where it's interesting, she managed to explain what no one can do, because she is a pioneer with a clear message. Far be it from me to criticize but recently I had a bad experience with small groups, especially with Buddhism. We still fall back into this depressing thing of people who monopolize a philosophy of life, like Buddhism, but who only seek to earn money, and the guru very often takes advantage of the situation, these are not things truthful; it was the same when I tried to join the society of theosophy or event Edgar Cayce circle in paris, but I quickly realized that we found this spirit of elitism with simply people poor in spirit, not at all representative of the person who had established the beginnings (in this case Blavatsky, to whom I had dedicated a song in the album "Third Eye").

It is interesting to listen to a composition by placing the headphones on the table, just hearing the frequencies, the sounds...this is where we really find the metaphysical sensations of a melody.

I was working this morning on a single note, the vco and the effect at the end of the chain, I thought it would be good to just connect two modules with the vca and especially the equalizer... so I discovered notes that reached me, the settings made me understand the notes that could be played on the guitar.

Few notes, just enough for the fusion of the wood of the guitar moving with the frequencies of the modular rack.

Basically, it swells me to compose something with a classical structure, with guitar and vocals, then keyboard; I've done 20 albums and I've already done that, and I haven't played certain songs live. Here, in my evolution, the structure is made in relation with adjustments, and from this derives ornaments which make it possible to complete the melodies with guitar parts.

I just have a problem with my pedals, I find that the sound is not deep enough, the earthquaker devices do not work with that, the strymon dig, a little...

In any case, reverb now, i'm using it with at very low level of decay...too much pseudo ambient things everywhere...delay, is the thing to modulate, definitely...

I thus succeeded in finding the fine conductor for 6 titles, the logic, I understood it...for the inspiration I dismissed the theme of the tibetan mystical stuff. I could see that the Eliane Radigue had composed several things on this subject, on the same themes that I had chosen...I was disappointed and disturbed by goodbye Milarepa and the Daikinis, I will just keep the memory of the teachings of the latter but it will never appear on an album.

I returned to Walden life in the wood, book from Henry David Thoreau, this book corresponds with the notions of what I currently experience and what I can perceive concerning the current world.

What is certain is that we owe ourselves a new world, in ruins, populated by rednecks and sectarianism, fear, and rejection, fake elitism... all that comes from of this pandemic, it has changed a lot of things... and it continues to be verified.

For my part, I will not change, I will continue to love my fellow and to be happy to live... distrust is not my responsibility, if some people have understood that they are not who they thought, it is their problem, but for me it's the complete opposite.

One thing persists, I have faith and an unlimited personal requirement. The absurd is an attitude that I adopt very often .... the best weapon to unseat the bad, the wickedness and the inbus of oneself. In short.

Next concert after the end of the year in Bulgaria and two others in the same regions.

I was thinking about going to Faroe islands, and one promoter from Gotenborg told me my music didn't fit their place, and so he told me about a certain composer, avant gardist, and he's living out there...funny situation, but this person didn't reply to my e-mail...i'm not so surprised...

I bought a new record by Hiroshi Yohimura, postcards... very difficult to find but I was able to pick up the last copy in a coffee shop in Paris, I must also receive "Baroque" by Susumu Yokota.

Besides, I only listen to his album "Symbol" even when I'm working in my new home studio...what he does on this album has nothing to do with what I do, it's very often the case for me, I listen to something that is the opposite of what I do. It inspires me a lot more.

Regarding social networks, I have definitely delicately deleted twitter,'s really not my thing, it worries me and it wastes a lot of time, personally I can't afford it, and re-learn how to to live without, which is a lot of good, given that I have no problem with loneliness, on the contrary I totally seek it. I just keep youtube and tik tok, but i don't keep apps on my phone. The phone is something I would have no problem living without too...

see you soon



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