Conscience Des Machines

There is a first extract fro the next album called "Prometheus" online. This track and the entire album is produced, written with analogic synth, with help from digital pedals. Rythmic is based on patterns with the Po 12 from Teenage engineering. Clearly, this new very first song shows the typicity of the album, and the will to work on melodies, it's more constructive than computer toys.

Few words, tites in french, and topics based on transhumanism, what's next... with seven songs included one divided in three parts (10 mn lenght). I'm using modular, eurorack synth for overdubs, each time i save the various presets. At the difference of Cosmoogie facile, the previous album, the songs are integrated easily in my mind. There are several texts that i've kept, in case of readings during live acts, i've musical back ups and ideas that i can reproduce in real time. Finaly, the real time projection maping is a very new thing, for each song you would be able to see and feel the music at the same time, each sound will have a, impact and so every concerts will be different because you are part of the "ceremony"...

#modular #eurorack #Prometheus #tranhsuman