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The days follow one another but the moments are different, finer, more optimized, in any case it is the image that I have of it. Following the release of the new album, I am waiting for three new concert dates. In the meantime, I transformed, arranged my modular installation differently: the basic synth is there but I removed the envelope module to concentrate only on the "Ornaments and crimes" module; the goal is simple, to make sequences and arrangements in quad mode, and compared to the production itself, raise the volume to obtain a recording of four tracks at most.

Optimize everything with an equalizer, a lot of work on abeltone to mix each track so that it sounds as if you were watching the performance live. With modulars, the concern for the composer is to abandon his pieces because they no longer have the original feeling, and therefore the production is an essential B phase to preserve the work done upstream.

I only listen to my vinyls while I work, I have 12 but that's enough for me, I'm not a compulsive collector (Popol Vuh, Susumu Yokota, and women composers on violin or accordion), this feeling of Listening to a recording entirely without choosing only your favorite songs is a pleasure, and vital.

Question books, I am constantly looking for editions or books that are more edited, in fact since confinement I have started to read things that have made me aware of many past facts, my life of other times, and since each succeeding book constitutes a wagon of the spiritual path that I started at this time in 2020. Until my death, I will continue to sail according to the aspirations; I no longer have the same reflex to react instantly to my instinct, there is no more concept in the matter, but there is something else that guides me, it's nobody, it's just a feeling. A feeling that is neutral. Actually, it's again the book of the oriental wisdom from "Shihāb ad-Dīn" Yahya ibn Habash Suhrawardī that is settled in my mind, even if the edition i have is old and so the lines are tiny i'm using the same led lights that i'm using with the eurorack by night to read it.

To come back to the new process with the modular synths, i'm very attached to this module called "light to cv" from Addac, this is a really great source of modulation, with the theremin from Doepfer aht i will receive i do think the various apps' of Ornaments and crimes will be optimized at the great level.

In this new period, i've adopted a rythm of life that allows me to be in peace, waking up at 5am, and working on sequences or patches, working on "the dark side of the moon" album pink floyd to improve again my play with the guitar, eating seeds and fruits, and avoiding the contact of people when i can, the reason is that i've understood that i can be the cause of various traumas; when you evolve and you can't explain, the best way is to continue and keep the faith. The book of Suhrawardi help me to do this.

Digitally, it think it's important o choose the right newtworks, personnaly i mainly use twitter to communicate, and tik tok, youtube for excerpts from studio work sessions; Twitch sometimes for long sessions, discoveries, or in-depth work on modules. (Instagram is really not the good place anymore to show good things to...for me this network is dead)

A few photos, of the new rack, and one of the vinyls that often listen here.

This post will be updated on September 8


Masahiro Sugaya - Horizon Vol.1


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