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"Das Wirkende Und Das Einwirkung Erfahrende" ¤¤CaO + Nh4 Cl¤¤

So here is the new installation for the next job.

I use once again the wavetables in the Minilogue; I could see that in this case, the main oscillator becomes the wavetable generator with, in the background, the discrete sequences of the Minilogue itself. The goal is to get only the harmonics of the wavetables from Nw1, and just modulate with the Cut Off Filter.

Looking at the spectrum, i've seen that the frequencies are greatly affected by the Waldorf Nw1 module.

This gave me the idea to build rhythmic from the wavetables with sequencing in the middle.

In parallel, will use the Neutron with rather floating notes triggered at noon by the sequencer Sq1. I keeo the guitar on the electric side, and work with the external "Time Shadows" effect, it works admirably well.

To add a "Mercurial" touch i use the reverbator reverb "Transmisser" pedal which will add a certain nebula to the ambiences but all of this will remain rhythmic.

-> Heavy musicaly with EPIC bass granulars. with undoubtedly 8 titles.



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