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Desire By Inaction

Currently, i'm working title by title, i felt the need to write lyrics and put down notes, then see with th modular how to merge everything, that's a very pleasant period.

Since the very first day of pandemic, i've spent every single day on synths.

For now, i can compose and sing in a very different manner. For the next release, i'm using Diminished chords, that allow me to use a natural root note and add harmonics to some patterns or notes with the modular.

The truth is that i can't wait to perform again, the transition for me was a bit more longer that for the majority, for personal reason, i wa still hiding in the dark and the album "Blue Zaxon" has taken me more time that expected because i was in the hope to really record something that can be duplicate after.

As i've mentionned on Twitter, it was a really good thing to sell, i would say 70% of my gear, it makes me lighter, and now focusing on the instruments that i'm very close now. For some of them, i still discover new things, and so it means that i 've to keep this in a place. Using it after and make it evolve.

During the last 8 years, it was not the case, i meant to almost die while playing, suffer is a very important feeling to project while playing, and there is various manner to show this.

I have this feeling too that i've to mark something on the marble, playing in the good places and communicate on the process i'm working on in order to make things move more...for that will be the case.

I don't use Instagram anymore, but rather Tik Tok and Twitch (i will do streaming performances again this week, and so playing the new songs and in plus the new set list) // You can check every links on the home page of the website.

For me Germany, Japan and Us are the objectives of new performances with the appropriate audience.

I'v included two books i'm into at this moment, Wu Wei Wu and Dogen, in fact these two books are hte continuation of my thoughts. Since two years, i've realized tha a new path was needed, and so since this moment i 've considered things quiet differently.



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