Deus Solus

Updated: Mar 14

*Here you will find the first song called "Deus Solus" fom the album called "A Week With Maria Thun Al-Sudd"

Finally, this album will not be released, there is something "special" with it and so i've decided to just keep the documents with the music and words in a suitcase, so the 7 tracks including "Deus Solus" that you can listen on Youtube.

The inspiration for the text came after reading the book, "The Mirror of Simple and Destroyed Souls" by Marguerite Porete.

In fact, i had written a few lyrics before reading this book, and subsequently without sticking 100% to what is written in the different chapters, they motivated me to work on the album, because in the end it well joined the Occitan structure i was focusing on.

The last two weeks have been a bit complicated, but in a good way, as i had to put together a set list and a particular configuration to match the planets.

Each day corresponding to a note, consequently the various sessions in stream will be seven in number.

This Sunday, i've recorded the first and which therefore corresponds to the note E, which corresponds to the sun and to the day of Sunday.

This joins the sidereal scale, the Egyptians made correspond the order of the planets to that of the days of the week, and arrange them in series from 4 to 4 according to the consonances of their musical scale. Hence the idea of ​​performing 40 minutes in connection with this state of affairs.

In parallel, i already have a work plan for the real next one, a "windy" album. I can feel it would be better at many levels.

These are the reasons of the difficulties encountered in recent weeks and so the need to put all this in order.

The sessions on Twitch allow me to see more clearly and subsequently compartmentalize all these elements.


This bulletin will be updated with additional informations concerning the recording of the different tracks,

and for the whole album.