Equalizer 2022

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

As time goes by and since I finished the last album, I take more care to be able to work on the mixes in real time. Equalizer levels and so on but without daw, i've finally suceeded in working on the tracks of the album without saying to me : ok i will record directly this idea...no, it's all about making progress with every tracks of the album and then we will see if a really important idea is rising, but it seems to me that it's essential to really optimize "Bue Zaxon" and in order to deliver something cool during next live acts.

I think it comes from the long period of introspection and work that has been done since pandemic time, and so the reflex not to accumulate too many elements, to be more precise this concerns the eurorack modules and being able to really constitute a combination in the nails which intersects the evolution of the style of music that I do.

For me modules like: Coma reactor delay from Animal Factory Amplification (An Indian Manufacteurer) is the module that made me understand which was the path i wanted to follow, and on the other hand, the most important musical revelation impact is really Kosmicher Laüfer since two years. Concerning modules i really like the Anima from Ritual Electronics ( French this time). Will surely do a video, kind of tutorial, ode to Coma Reactor Delay, in french this time with subtitles in english...

As I had indicated on the Bandcamp page there is a split and so an evolution during the spring of 2020.

I am moving towards a very specific style and therefore we can describe it as: New Age Doom Folk.

Don't think this appelation exists... but it does now haha...

Concerning the musical process, the main work comes from two main harmonics and then the guitar is illustrating the whole thing; there is a great part of improvisation but with an important work umpstream. So working on an album and then playing everyday with modules to see which type of arrangments i can include further.

I will regularly publish podcasts too, i am already in the 2nd episode, this will evolve time to time. This one is called #EveryoneIsEveryone and each time for about 30 minutes. Three main themes for each episod. I also put together a kind of press kit of all the articles concerning music production via Flipboard, I find that very inspiring and at the same time it allows to create a kind of community with an exchange of informations. The Reddit site is also a superb source of contentment, I do not dare to intervene too much in certain subjects but in any case I am present.

Can't wait to be able to travel again and work with my new musical configuration which adapts completely to the nomadism to which I aspire. It is certain that countries like Germany and Japan constitutes a priority, taking in account the number festivals and places dedicated to the performance of musicians using modular synths.

I do not find this unfortunately in France and if I could live elsewhere I will do it without worries but unfortunately I cannot afford it at the moment given that I am on the razor's edge. I really count on all this synchronicity to achieve the best result and make my dreams come true, I always have dreams I know you have to be patient to make them come true. The will is important.

Anyway, this post is a little more personal but I needed to talk about all that and vary the speech a little bit.