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Eurorack (for Thou)

1-On the verge of finalizing the unfolding of the first episode of a podcast called #everyoneiseveryone, it will deal with musical news with these various facts, the transformation of the industry and i will add anecdotes, season one will have 12 episodes . It is a good exercise to convey ideas vocally. (Link of the Podcast here)

There will be three distinct parts. First: A press review, then a point of reconciliation with my experience and openness to discussion, interaction, that goes without saying, it is the principle of the podcast and far from me the idea of just uttering sterile speech.

Finally, a last synthetic part with selected pieces, and highlighted of certain objects (book, instruments ... in connection with the two previous setions).

2-Regarding the installation of the album "Omega", i've hesitated to modify the title itself, not the number of songs (because at this level i have the confirmation that it is the right one. ).

Or maybe that's a fail and i will keep just the first track ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

The first title i was talking about in the previous post, now translated in Italian, here is an excerpt:


è il baluardo di ogni virtù


che contiene tutta la merce,


che offer fiducia nel nostro cuore

che rafforza he cuore..."

Always the same title in itself: SAAEPENEPEAAS

We must see the link with the square of Sator, of Solomon. It can be read in both directions (from right to left and from left ... to right).

3-But, i've realized that the instruments could not express what was written, so i opted for the design of a modular rack, which in my opinion, will allow to move to a higher and different sphere in terms of composition. Having not the vocation to invest in synthesizers that return to the past. The Neutron or the Minilogue (but there are others of course) really have their own identity for my point of view, for many others this is not the case; well, it probably corresponds to a certain commercial target, consumers who are looking for nostalgia very surely, for me the notion of the past makes bedridden before its time.

I have included in this post images of the rack i am currently workin' on. This includes, among other things, the envelope generator from Xaoc called "Zadar" (one of the founders is a friend and we played at the "Temple of Silence" festival in Poland); Then will follow the "Turing Machine", i just have to solder some components to perfect this random sequencer. And finally, the Animal Factory's "Coma Delay" a granular delay module, designed in India.

4-Recently, i"ve grabbed the "Mystical Theology" book, admitting that for Christian esotericism that it is much more complicated when you want to be inspired and therefore compose afterwards, there are elements which remain difficult to integrate afterwards, see disturbing . For the latter, we are not in the presence of monks.

As a viable reference: Isaac of Nineveh, and also Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.

In the majority of cases, i order the books from Monasteries, and not from classic bookstores.

They hold books that cannot be found elsewhere, whose rich content...

5-Finally concerning the current situation, even if the situation might risk to be out of control.

i, personnaly continue my own path, starting a period of Jêune, my punctual diet consists of sardines, beans and infusions of plants and roots (balotte, centella asiatica ...).

So this is the best time to work on these different projects.



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