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Evolution Frequency

I am currently working on a song listing that includes the latest album "Senmurw", this will takes place in Switzerland, Geneva.

In fact, it's a place that I know well, and where is settled the first label to have signed my albums, Urgence Disk Records.

So for further live acts, it's a new setup; after all the things that have happened i had to work on something different.

I've finished the built of the rack of modular. In plus, there is a Strymon pedal, Blue Sky that is always driving the wavetable module, the Nw1, shimmer mod is just perfect, and then for the rack itself.

I've grabbed the Anima from Ritual electronics, it makes me think that i would be really curious to know why they have chosen this name, brand name; then i use the Wasp filter, triggering with the Lfo of the Moog Werkstaatt01, this little synth is really great... and so there is the Korg Sq 1 sequencer too, but i was wondering of getting maybe an eurorack sequencer instead, to gain space on this rack. Anyway, then the mutable instruments Plaits, is a really great module too, but i hardly succeed to make it sound dirty, it's maybe too consensual for me...have to see if i sell it or not, but the rest is sticking to my vision of the sound, and with the Animal factory coma reactor delay, this module is not so well known, but the possibilities are huge, sonce the feedback function can lead to incredible results, as Vco, Oscillator or just Cv for other modules.

I just regret maybe the Dsp and drum 2 from Erica Synths, that's both really good modules, but it's not as traditional as i can expect, surely need more work on it to feel dizzled. Time will speak, and the objective is to use something stable, with no real changes.

I've in mind several new tracks in mind, words, that will focus on the 528 Hertz frequency, the great frequency...

and titles, but i d'ont know still how to arrange them, there is something that i have to understand, it makes me think of Scriabin, his thoughts, his vision, that's inspiring and i understand at the same time, it's just that you know that someone undertand it all...

Korg Sq1 & Eurorack Synth

All the songs from the last album are going to be readjusted and the question arises of how to include a modular synth rack in a 7 titles like this; to say, i only used a Moog synth and a sequencer, a guitar and 2 effects pedals to create this album.

This necessarily involves a certain reduction in equipment. As so often, I relate to books, and in this case, Soren Kierkegard is a source of inspiration, especially "Traité du désespoir", there is an echo over Swedenborg too through out his writings.

Sören Kierkegaard

Humanly speaking, I am blown away by the evolution of everyone's lives at the moment, this fall is rich in endings.

For my part, life remains stable and I am coming out of a complicated transition period following deconfinement, but I still get by ... I do not know if it is this covid that precipitated things, or the cosmic order itself but everything has changed and is evolving, there is no real regression from my point of view. It all depends on who you hang out with and how you envision your future, but at the same time, overthinking leads nowhere, you have to act and everything opens up, that's the order of things.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to a French philosopher, Mr. Clément Rosset, for his writings.

See you soon


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